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0ML is not just another
tool for the Data Scientists,

Zero code Auto Machine Learning Platform


Less Upfront cost

Upto 90% reduction in Model building and deployment costs No need to hire data science/cloud experts, maintain infrastructure

Better than an average data scientist

Mathematical optimization clubbed with technology and infrastructure outsmarts an average data scientist

1 click model Training and Deployment

More power to the business user, so they can focus on applied ML rather than worry about technology hurdles

70-80% reduction in model go-live time and effort

Quickly test use-cases and deploy production grade models with a click of a button


0ml Model Stack

Our machine learning models are trained to leverage your data and can be easily integrated with any application using Rest APIs. We use state of the art infrastructure, which scales intelligently according to the use case.

Object Detection

Build your own AI-powered model, that identifies objects from the images and draws bounding boxes around them.

Video Object Detection

Build your own AI-powered Custom Object Detector that can identify custom objects in live video streams.


The Model that identifies Diseases, Drugs, genes from text data


Build your own AI-powered Custom Chatbot that can respond in Natural Language, simulating the behavior of your in-house agent

Sentiment Analysis

Build your own AI-powered Custom Sentiment Analyzer using Natural Language Processing that can analyze your Text data and extracts the sentiment.

Geographic Information System

A model trained to Identify contours from satellite imagery.

Custom Services

Data Annotation

Get your data ready for the machine learning process by capturing human intelligence. We follow industry-standard tools and labeling best practices to enabling a high-quality Machine learning input.

Data Preparation/ Cleansing

Prepare your data to enhance model accuracy. Feature engineering, Data cleansing, Missing Data Imputation, Dimensionality Reduction, Mathematical Data Transformations

Model Refinement By Our Data Scientists

Customize your machine learning model trained on the 0ML platform to improve performance and enhance accuracy. Hyper Parameter Tuning, Customized model deployment, Using higher grade machines for high throughput inference and low latency

API Integration

Integrate the model trained on 0ML platform to any application front end. Our engineers study your application architecture and integrate the deployed models through REST APIs

0ML in Action

Sample use cases implemented through 0ML framework


Smart Attendance monitoring system

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Problem Statement: Government sponsors skill trainings in various segments to increase the employability of students passing out from various streams. Challenge is to keep track of the attendance of the students and match it with official records for proper evaluation of the program.

Solution enabled by AI based smart attendance monitoring system is built using and used to identify the strength of each automatically and match with official attendance to identify discrepancies. This solution ensured the credibility of the programs and reduced the out lay of money on systemic exploitations.


A.I.-driven solution for a smart

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Problem Statement: Every year, several thousands of complaints are raised on Centralized Public Grievance Redress And Monitoring System (CPGRAMS) portal. Close to half of such complaints are raised under incorrect Ministry/ Department. This causes delay in Complaint Resolution (on an average around 21 days) and hampers citizen satisfaction.

Solution enabled by The A.I. driven model built on understands the context of the request and routs it to the concerned department. The solution has won National Level Award from Government of India under the category of A.I. Driven Innovation in E-Governance Awards , Mumbai Feb-2020. Solution enabled up to 80% reduction in turn around time for issue resolution

Real Estate

Hard hat detection system for safety

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Problem Statement: Customer is a multi national real estate firm handling diverse construction and development projects. As the scale of the construction increased, it has become difficult to maintain the safety standards at construction sites like ensuring wearing of safety equipment like hard hats .

Solution enabled by AI based hard hat detection solution is built using and is trained on annotated images provided by the company to further improve accuracy. This solution ensured that safety standards at the construction sites and reduced manual efforts in detecting violations.


Identifying entries (Chemicals, Genes, Species, Diseases) from medical transcripts

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Problem Statement: Pharmacovigilance (PV or PhV), also known as drug safety, is related to the collection, detection, assessment, monitoring, and prevention of adverse effects with pharmaceutical products. As part of the process huge corpus of unstructured text data generated by doctors, hospitals, patients, pharma companies will be analyzed manually for reporting adverse drug events to the regulatory authority.

Solution enabled by The state of the art ML model built on is trained on huge corpus of annotated medical transcripts to intelligently identify entities like Drugs, Genes Species, Diseases and Symptoms. This solution reduces the manual effort involved in adverse drug reporting process by 50%

Resume Processing-Entity Recognition

Problem Statement: HR Professionals around the globe get flooded with thousands of resumes on daily basis. It is a herculean task to go through the resumes and extract relevant content. Recruitment industry desperately needs tools that can streamline the resume and applicant screening process.

Solution enabled by AI based Resume Entity recognition system automatically parses resumes and allows recruiters to electronically gather, store, and organize large quantities of resumes. Once acquired, the resume data can be easily searched through and analyzed

Vehicle Number plate tracking

Problem Statement: With the increasing population, there is a steep rise in the number of vehicles that run on streets these days. Tracking vehicles has become even more difficult and security logs created through human entry process has proven to be cost intensive and error prone.

Solution enabled by AI based vehicle tracking system that detects number plates Realtime based on the video stream (Edge device implementation) has been designed to provide a no human in the loop security system.

0ML in news

0ml In Global Summit platform was selected as part of top A.I product innovations in India and was presented in RAISE 2020 – Global A.I summit organized by Govt of India. The Speaker panel for the event includes prime minister Narendra Modi Ji, Mukesh Ambani, and CXO’s of other prominent companies like IBM, Microsoft, Adobe.

E-Governance Awards

The A.I.-driven solution built using has won national award for intelligent routing of requests on the Centralized Public Grievance Redress And Monitoring System (CPGRAMS) portal. The award is conferred by the Government of India under the category of A.I.-Driven Innovation in E-Governance Awards , Mumbai Feb-2020.

NASSCOM Emerge 50 Awards has been selected in the “Enterprise” category for the NASSCOM Emerge 50 2020 Awards’ Jury Round.  Emerge 50 Awards is India’s most prestigious award in the Software Product Industry, with the mission to find and recognize the most innovative software product companies who would be the future trendsetters of Techie from India.​

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